The Joyful Journey: Connecting With Your Higher Self

Dr. Whitney Gordon-Mead
3 min readAug 12, 2022

Finding meaning in your life is a key aspect of living well. Connecting with your higher Self is essential to experiencing your unique joyful life journey. Tapping into your higher Self allows you to embrace each moment fully and appreciate it for what it is.

Your higher Self is conscious. Much like how religion connects you with a higher entity, spirituality allows you to connect to your own conscious guide — your higher Self.

As a high-achieving woman, you tend to move through life at a fast pace. You are often motivated by the desire to reach certain goals. This can result in feelings of urgency to finish one thing and move on to the next. And when your mindset is that you’ll be happier and more successful once you reach that goal, it’s easy to find that you’re sacrificing your health, wellbeing, relationships, or dreams.

When you get in touch with your higher Self through spiritual practice, it’s the journey that brings you happiness and success rather than the achievement of the goal itself. By connecting with your Self and discovering your own unique journey, you are better able to experience success without sacrifice.

Life’s joyful journey starts with a conscious connection with your higher Self. Spiritual practices are how you strengthen this connection.

How to connect with your higher Self:

Connect with nature

Nature is an incredible spiritual guide. It provides you with a sense of the present, encouraging you to connect with the moment. When you walk in nature, notice the feeling of peaceful presence. In times of chaos, recall and reconnect with this feeling of presence. Connecting with this sense of being in times of struggle can sustain you.


The practice of sitting still, focusing on the breath, and allowing your mind to detach from thought allows you to hear your higher Self. When you meditate and calm the mind, you create space for your inner wisdom to connect in harmony with your body.


Letting your thoughts flow from your body onto paper can help you connect with your conscious mind. The more often you write about your thoughts, feelings, and…

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