Overcome Overwhelm: Self-Advocacy Is The Key

Dr. Whitney Gordon-Mead
3 min readMay 22, 2023

Life can feel overwhelming at times. You may experience challenges in your career or personal life that leave you feeling stuck, lost, or unmotivated. However, you can choose to shift your experience.

No matter what, you have choice. You can choose your emotional response to a situation and what actions you will take. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when you have too much responsibility. And, overwhelm is a choice you’re making when you don’t ask for support.

Self-advocacy is the ability to understand and communicate when you need support, and it’s the key to overcoming overwhelm. Requesting support also allows you to expand productivity and avoid burnout.

It can be challenging to accept that you need help, yet acknowledging that you can’t do everything on your own is the first step. You can significantly improve the quality of your life by identifying when and why you need help, reaching out for assistance, and following up on the support you receive.

Identify When And Why You Need Support

It’s vital to understand that asking for support doesn’t mean you’re weak; to the contrary, it’s a sign of strength. Here are some ways to identify when and why you need support.

Acknowledge Your Limitations

No one is perfect. There may be times that you lack the necessary knowledge, skills, or vitality to achieve your goal. It’s essential to recognize and accept your limitations to identify areas where you need support and ensure your physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

Recognize Signs Of Burnout

Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by prolonged stress and overwhelm. It can lead to reduced productivity, lack of motivation, and feeling detached. Recognizing the signs of burnout, such as fatigue, forgetfulness, and irritability, enables you to ask for support before it’s too late.

Adjust Your Expectations

Setting realistic expectations for yourself is critical. Having unreasonable expectations can lead to stress, overwhelm, and burnout. Adjusting your expectations and requesting support can help you achieve your goals without feeling…



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